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Had to tag @Phoebe_katz_photography in this pic from my bday in 2018
Hello Tee's "Feeling My Hair" Sweatshirt

*Photo taken by the wonderful: @Phoebe_katz_photography

Hello if you’re new to my blog and welcome back if you’re not. Let’s just say July’s post was actually going to consist of two stories, but because of Corona and life... I have finally narrowed it down to what I actually want to talk about this month. Not much has changed in my life recently, so I’ll save everyone an update post for another time lol. However, with everything in regards to race and the Black Lives Matter Movement, I figured I’d shoutout and list/recommend my top 20 favorite black owned brands. Small and upcoming businesses always need love, so why not continue reading. Besides, you might see something you’ll like.



I got my favorite blue dashiki from here back in 2017, and I love this site for its constant discounts on kente wear! Whether you've heard of this company or not, definitely feel free to click the link/title for some awesome kente and dashiki designs.

Jerry's All Natural mixtures llc.

I don’t even mean to brag, but my uncle has some serious skills with not only baked goods, but with body butters too! Seriously, his butters are good yal! I highly recommend them for dry skin and eczema (which I also have), and boy does his butters leave one's skin soft and nourished!


I have a fair amount of black owned clothing, but what I lacked at the time was a cute feminine inspired shirt for women of color like my “melanin poppin” tee which I love so much. The material is superb, and I love that I can wear it with anything!


Oh, where do I begin with this brand…. Let’s just say if you want affordable and yet highly pigmented eyeshadows, this is the line to shop. I have two of their eyeshadow palettes and their concealer as well as two lippies, and this brand refuses to disappoint me. Oh, and let’s not even talk about how fast their shipping is, and the amount of discounts Juvia’s Place offers. Oh, and one more thing, if you hate shipping costs as much as I do, you can find this amazing brand at your local Ulta.


First of all, I understand why Rihanna has not been putting new music out, and that is because of all the businesses she has been creating, including one of her most successful ventures being her makeup line. First of all, before Fenty, every foundation would cause rashes and mini breakouts for me, but with Fenty, all of those skin mishaps are nonexistent. I don’t know what or even where my skin would be right now if it wasn’t for Fenty… THANK YOU SO MUCH RIHANNA… oh, and check out her new skincare line too!


One of my all time and most complimented on sweatshirts is from this cute women of color appreciation clothing brand. They sell everything from tees, home decor, and sweaters. I wear this sweatshirt like no other, but it recently got some green coloring on it (I blame the college washing machines). Anywho, I plan on definitely buying another one, and since the green coloring has faded a lot, I still wear my “Feeling My Hair” sweatshirt like it’s brand new. Plus, isn’t it mad cute with my yellow velour nikes lol.



This makeup brand has everything from buy worthy loose powders, foundation, eye palettes, and my favorite, their nude nail polishes. Mented is worth a quick click, who knows, you might find something you'll like.


This make up brand's use and model of actual baked goods and packaging is definitely worth the fascination of checking out. They also sell everything makeup related for the eyes, face(s), and lips. *You better click that title for the visuals lol.


OMG! This brand has amazing and AFFORDABLE swim wear that is just sooo cute. Every time I try to buy a swimsuit, I never go through with it; why you might ask? Well, I can never decide on an actual swimsuit because the choices are endless on this site!


Did somebody ask for Fashion Nova related clothing sites. Well, Chic Couture offers some of the cutest dresses, two pieces, and pants. Check out their site because they really do have some chic stuff.


SHOES GALORE!!!! If you want some cute and affordable shoes for the Summer, this is your site... I'm still waiting for certain shoes to go back in stock!


Oh, you thought I was done with the shoes? Here's another site with cute and affordable sandals and sneakers. You better be clicking this link for more bomb shoes.


This site has some creative and melanated inspired shirts, hoodies, bags, and accessories. You don't wanna miss out!

Love Vera

For all the Victoria Secret lovers, here's another brand that caters to undergarments and lingerie. I recommend browsing this site especially since they cater to a variety of body sizes.

Nicolette Nichelle

Okay one more shoe site, but this is not any regular shoe site, this is bandana galore! If you love bandana print as much as I do, this is the site for some awesome bandana-styled shoes, hats, and even bags! Seriously Nicolette did her thang on this shoe line.

10 FT

I discovered this company right after buying my makeup organizer at TJ Maxx (imagine my face after buying it lol). This UK brand makes cute and affordable makeup organizers that won't take up too much room in your room (see what I did there lol). I highly recommend checking out this site.

The Honey Pot Co.

Honey Pot caters to feminine care including washes, pads, wipes, and much more! This brand is always sold out due to its popularity. Plus, you can find Honey Pot at your local Target, Walmart, and Walgreens.

Addiction Co.

For all my islanders, this is the site for you.

This company has everything from swimwear, two pieces, and more with your favorite Caribbean flags on it. I remember when this brand was up and coming, and now I am so happy at how far they've come. Plus, they even have my country Dominica on their site. So, click the title, you know you want too.


Just ordered from here, and ever since they followed me and answered my prayers in search of finding some ridiculously affordable hair pins like this, the rest was history (shoutouts to social media in times like these!).


Yal thought I was about to forget about hair. Qhemet Biologics has been around for years, and it's still black owned. I highly recommend this brand to everyone, especially with kinky/afro-textured hair.


*Check out the New Haven Flea Market in New Haven, CT and the Black Market in Nubian Square in MA for more black/minority owned businesses/products.

THROWBACK: also, check out this post from last Black History Month where I mention some black photographers and creatives in the New England area: https://www.kelysianphotography.com/post/happy-black-history-month

Also, feel free to comment other black owned brands that you adore, I definitely want to do another post on small and other minority owned businesses as well.


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