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A lot has changed recently, and especially since the Coronavirus. I remember heading home for my not-so-entertaining “Spring Break,” where I was ready to relax, and of course, write papers (sadly). However, that week in mid-March turned into two, three, and then, it was my birthday! My birthday was on April 18th, and I spent it mostly at home. Despite the stay-at-home birthday, it was one of my favorites. I never received so much love, support, and appreciation like I did on my 22nd birthday. My friends made some amazing and funny collages, and some of my friends even visited my house (social distancing of course), to drop off my gift (bottle of Chardonnay lol). Oh, and I cannot forget my mom’s amazing yellow cake and chocolate icing birthday cake that she made for me (my favorite kind of cake). Oh, did I mention that I also had my favorite dish from The Cheesecake Factory, which is their Louisiana Chicken Pasta (seriously bomb, especially with a side of BBQ sauce). My birthday really felt like a normal day, as if, the pandemic didn’t exist, and for that, I got to thank my amazing friends and family.


@clasiqeye aka my sister on the camera

As for my senior year, it is almost done. I have about three weeks left, and I cannot believe that I have finished all four years of school (thank God lol). It definitely was not all sunshine and rainbows, but I also had so much fun going to school near a fabulous city like Boston, and making some amazing lifelong friends along the way. When COVID 19 hit and encouraged everyone to stay home during March, I at first was really shocked because I never seen America shut down the way it did. I also felt a bit sad and developed a lot of nostalgia, and Snapchat definitely doesn’t help with the memories since it remembers everything lol. However, COVID 19 has really challenged me, I mean every week I was doing a different challenge. One week, I woke up everyday at 8am and took photos (which I did make into a YouTube video, if you’re willing to see me struggle lol). That was so much fun considering I don’t wake up that early, unless I really have too.


Despite COVID 19, and all of its negative effects, I really never had so much time to reflect and be my most creative self like I do now. I have truly been enjoying the time and creativity that I have had, and even though I cannot shoot outdoors as much, I can really work on and enhance my indoor skills in the meantime. Basically, I encourage everyone reading this to push yourself, especially with all the time that you have now (especially if you’re not an essential worker). For me, I really want to come out of this stronger and just ready to continue to take on the world. I also gotta express how thankful I am during all of this, and I am extremely grateful that I still got to enjoy seventy percent of my senior year (thank God again lol). Overall, life has been pretty good, and there really always is a light at the end of the tunnel.. #Classof2020 #COVIDStrong

The video of me struggling yet creating magic for five days lol!

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