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I did not go to any “spectacular” countries this year. However, I did get to visit states/the national capital. In June, I decided to go anywhere that wasn’t New England lol. I was so worn out from working almost everyday, that I needed a break, and therefore, new scenery. Luckily, I have family and friends in D.C. and Virginia. I was sold to go even more after seeing how cheap the tickets to DC were (Flixbus people). It was also my first real solo trip which made it even cooler. Once I arrived, I met up and stayed with my friend who also happens to be my roommate (ig: @sbarrett15). In addition, I also chatted with my photographer friend who goes by @pooch_studio on ig (seriously check him out!). Not only did we chat for a little bit, but he even hooked me up with some flicks including the pic of me at the top.

I had an amazing experience, even though I only got about 48 hours worth of DC and the DMV area. So, what did I do?

My friend Sophie and I visited every monumental place in DC that there is. We went to Chinatown, The Smithsonian and other museums, The Lincoln Memorial, The White House, and my favorite, Howard University. I could not believe we saw all these places, had time for happy hour, and still had time later in the day to go to a photo meet up.

*For all those wondering, we had Happy Hour at the Proper 21 in DC, and we also went to a Mexican restaurant for their Happy Hour not too far from Proper 21.

I participated at DC’s streetmeetdc (name on ig). These are weekly meet ups where photographers and models can meet up, connect, and shoot. This meet up happened to be at night, which was funny because I decided to leave my external flash behind. However, it was a great challenge. This meet up even provided light up shades, so from time to time, I would use the light from the glasses to light my subjects/models. Plus, I would use the street lights and anything with a light source around to help me. I have posted some of these shots on my Instagram page, but here are some visuals as well:

Seeing all of DC in a span of 24 hours was truly amazing! I can’t wait to go back and spend more time, and even bring some of my friends. I hope this article inspires people and especially young adults that traveling doesn’t always have to be an “extravagant” destination, it can be close by. Just go and explore what life has to offer!

P.S. I had vlog footage, but unfortunately, the SD card broke (cue the sad violin).

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