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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Last year I was able to visit this amazing country! My dream destination that I was able to explore at nineteen years old with my sister. The people were the best part because they were friendly, courteous, generous, and super happy! As for the food, it was truly delicious! My favorite part were the natural juices we had and drinks ($1 happy hour too!). We also got to party in a cave called 'Disco Ayala,' and I also fainted in another cave (crawling while constantly blacking out is tots a no no lol). Thankfully, the natives used their natural remedies to make me healthy again. Despite the mini epileptic attack, I barely remembered that it had happened because I saw so much beauty and culture there. I will never forget this amazing experience, and how could I forget the old school American cars from the fifties that they still drive over there!

Recommendations: "Disco Ayala," Trinidad (my favorite part of Cuba), Havana, Varadero, Airbnb (hostel experience was amazing!), Taxi ride (for the old school car experience)

Photo of beautiful car is my lovely sister: IG @clasiqeye

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