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Long overdue, but I cannot forget to write about one of my favorite photo accounts on Instagram and their meet up, Dopeports. Earlier this July, Dopeports generated a meet up in Connecticut. The account and its creators are originally from New York. However, they decided to finally have a meet up in South Norwalk, CT (which was very convenient for me). This meet up had a majority of photographers (mostly male) and a few models. I have realized that for all the different 2019 meet ups that I have attended, the increase in photographers/photography is prominent.

This meet up was fun because some photographers were older and yet, still enjoy the craft of taking pictures. Plus, I loved that this meet up had a lot of people from New York and the islands because I am originally from New York and of West Indian descent.

This happened to be the first meet up where I was more of a videographer than a photographer. I finally used my Canon C100 to record footage of the photographers and models doing their thing. It was so much fun to use it, especially when I did not even have a gimbal or stabilizer on me. Of course, I could not abandon my camera, and every now and then, I switched between my C100 and Rebel (it looked like a scene of Scarface in terms of reloading the guns). Despite me constantly alternating between my Canons, I was able to get some great pictures and video content.

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Here is the video: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0hU40lnvaR/

Here are some pictures (fun fact: I swapped cameras with my sister too, so I shot these on a Canon T3):

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