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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

My cousins: Zariya & Quanzi

First off, as the title states, Happy Halloween yal! Finally, for the first time in my professional photography career have I done an actual Halloween themed shoot. I was able to shoot my two cousins this time, Zariya and Quanzi, and friend Aleya. However, in doing all these shoots these past two months made me realize, why have I been exploring and traveling so much all of a sudden?

PAUSE: Enjoy some pics first!

*Shoutouts to my cousins for being photographers during this shoot too!

Well, it has been brought to my attention that in all my four years of adulthood so far that I have never been to New York as many times as ironically, the year of the pandemic a.k.a. “2020.”

New York is my birth state and it’s honestly my favorite state, there’s just nothing like it! However, when Corona took over all of our lives, I definitely took a hiatus (not to mention NYC was shut down for some time during the pandemic). Despite the lack of mobility and movement this year, I recently decided to explore more areas nearby me. Not only did I discover new areas in the New England area to hike and take pictures, but also in the "Big Apple."

West Rock Ridge State Park in New Haven, CT

New York is so amazing because every time I think I’ve seen it all, I uh… well… haven’t lol!

One place that definitely stood out to me was no other than the borough of Queens. Usually, I never go to Queens because it’s never been a place I went to as much as a kid. However, since my family has been going up there more, I have discovered one of the most authentic Chinatowns ever. Located in Flushing Queens is an amazing Chinatown which does not even compare to the one in Manhattan. What I loved about this Chinatown was how I really felt like I was in Asia. I mean different foods from all over Asia (which will have you hungrily overwhelmed by all the food choices). Plus, the Asian population is significant in Flushing, not to mention there’s Asian hair salons, daycares, clothing stores, you name it. I highly recommend the Chinatown in Flushing Queens because it will blow your mind and make you feel as if you traveled extremely far, when you in fact, didn’t. While there I had to get some awesome Passion Fruit Bubble Tea, and pastries (which are super cheap and tasty for on the go). I mean seriously I have been to many Chinatowns (Canada, California, NY, etc), but this one is so different because to me, it’s not just Chinese influenced because there’s foods and people from all over Asia (Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, etc.).

Queens Historical Society (Museum) oh, and a random pic of me at BBQs in the Bronx lol

Oh and for all my sneaker heads, you got to check out the Nike Factory Clearance Outlet at Skyview Mall in Flushing. Let’s just say it changed my life!

I recently have also explored Harrison and Rye NY, did you guys know that Pepsi has a fabulous garden of cool sculptures that unfortunately won’t be seen nor visited til next year (yeah online said they were open, but was pretty bummed by the news in person). However, the area has parks, restaurants, pubs, and I never even knew that Purchase College had their own art museum.

Anywho, with all that being said, I hope you all enjoyed this post, and boy do I have more amazing writes for you all real soon!

Stay well everyone


Here's a look at the behind the scenes of this shoot here!

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