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Hey everyone, my last post for the year happens to be one of the most exciting things that happened to me this year, I GOT PUBLISHED!

Yes, I have been published before, but this time, I got the amazing opportunity to be in LONER Magazine. LONER Magazine and the overall brand is owned and generated by Marcel Mensah. Marcel and I happened to attend school together, and one thing I can truly say about this young man is that he works his butt off! I have seen him in the beginning stages up until now, which I can say he has really made a name for himself. As proud as I am of him, I never thought I had the same advantage of being a part of this dope magazine! When Marcel even asked me to be in his magazine I was ecstatic, and of course super happy. I was able to be featured in two issues of his magazine which features other amazing artists! Plus, Marcel had his first magazine launch party at Symposium Books in Providence, RI, where you can also view, support, and buy the magazine.

Here are some both regular and press pics for the magazine!

Did I mention my boy is also an amazing graphic and concept artist and you can support his successful page and site at https://www.instagram.com/eat_more_spiders/

On top of Marcel’s magazine, he also has a successful clothing and skatewear brand called LONER Skateboarding and you can check it out at https://www.instagram.com/loner_skateboarding/

While you're still here, check out some dope pics I took of the mastermind behind all of this creativeness:

Overall, Marcel is a huge inspiration in the young creative world, and if you do not know his name, well, now you do.

Have an amazing rest of 2019 everyone, and Happy New Year (make it a good year everyone!).

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