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Black America


Omg! For two months, I have been dying to show off these pictures because it represents so much to me. If you’re new here, hi, my name is Kadijah, I am a photographer, a recent college graduate, and I am BLACK, and yes, I was born in America. America is a great country, but just like anywhere else in the world, we have a lot of issues, and if you have been engaged this year with the media, news, and more, you would know that this hasn’t been the easiest year for black people, and yes, RACISM still exists! I knew that I needed a creative outlet to express myself with all that has been going this year (whheeww also this election though). So, it was safe to say that photography was going to be my outlet… besides… I am horrible at drawing lol! Meanwhile, putting and executing this idea and theme of "Black America" (name of the piece) altogether actually worked out well. Originally, I had and wanted a few black women as well as one black man for this shoot, but when it came time, there were last minute changes (on top of that some models had to do a mandatory quarantine which is highly understandable). Nonetheless, I was fortunate to have Jerry be my main model, and boy did he kill this shoot and overall vision. I am honestly super thankful from the bottom of my heart for even having so many people interested in the idea before it was even brought to life! Plus, Jerry's photographer and friend @zol.grullon captured fantastic video and behind the scenes footage all while helping and assisting creatively with the shoot. With all that being said, huge shoutout to Mob Journal for accepting my submission to be published in their Volume 9 Issue #32 magazine. It was truly an honor to be published in a magazine, and I can’t wait for more amazing and beautiful opportunities like this!

Oh, I almost forgot, to write out what these visuals represent:

Some of you may understand it, and if you don’t, all I am trying to express in these images is how beautiful it is to be black and American. However, being black anywhere, and in this case, America can be tough. So, these pictures illustrate black American patriotism, which when you think about those two words together, you can barely come up/think of positive depictions.

With that being said…



(State Park - Redding, CT)

This place was so beautiful, and I am super appreciative that I shot back in September when I did because they cut all the amazing grass in this park (I guess that’s what they do in the Fall). Another bonus, Jerry discovered this part of the park which clearly worked out amazing!

After the grass was cut

Here is the link to purchase the magazine issue featuring other amazingly talented artists: https://www.thisismob.com/shop/p/mob-journal-volume-nine-32-print-digital

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