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Me, Karina, Sophie, & Marquis

Also, HUGE and BIG appreciation to Poppnmag for featuring me and my good friend Joohee. It's Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and what better way to start this entry than with some Asian representation. Also, a Yukata is a Japanese spring Kimono, excuse the mishap.


Also, shot this great cultural photo shoot via my photo studio in my basement, Here's some more photos:

I can't believe it's been over a year since I created my photo studio!!!! I learned a lot about myself throughout the process of creating my photo space, and my drive, but I gotta confession to make, the real reason of creating this studio in my basement was not just for a creative space, but because I wanted to mainly increase the property of my mother's home. The older I get, generational wealth and overall investing becomes very important to me. The basement of our house has always been mainly used as a laundry/storage room. It was important to me to revamp and overall rejuvenate my mother's basement because the size of it is immaculate. Plus, this renovation project was another nice thing to do for my mom. Being a recent college grad, it's not easy to buy your family members things that you would love to get them, but a process like giving my family's basement a new look/renovations was not only something that didn't cost a lot to do, but in the long run will cost "a lot" by increasing the sale of the house if you catch my drift!

Anywho, you might be wondering, how's the studio going?

Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oh who am I kidding, I'm messing with you all at this point, but it's been great. Sometimes I feel like I don't use it enough, but then I think about so many shoots and videos I've created in there (especially during COVID), and I'm so grateful to have a space to create shoots and store my photo/video equipment. The basement is still holding up, and my mom's cake office side is surprisingly neater than my side lol! Sometimes, I even forget that I renovated the basement. If I had time/knew how to do flooring, I would have changed the carpet/done the flooring by now. That's still something I want to do at some point in time, but overall, my studio has been great!

Now, you might be asking, why did you say "has" (past tense), well.........


Yes, another reason this past two months has been crazy is also in part due to finally getting a job offer. For those who don't know, I graduated last year during the pandemic, and we were finally able to conduct a walk in ceremony this month (well come back to graduation in a second). Anywho, for a year I could't and wasn't able to land an actual job with my degree after graduating. COVID was a huge reason for the lack of job opportunities in 2020 considering I'm more interested in the media side of my Communication degree. Luckily, I was able to get a job that requires a HUGE MOVE & CHANGE!!! I definitely battled with doing this move for the past almost two months, but when I think about my life now, and the life I want, it does require to leave my state of CT and NY (especially NY {insert sad face here}. I have always manifested without realizing that: (1) I want to make my way to the West Coast, by starting to live in other states across the East Coast, (2) I'm tired of New England weather, and how 2020 would be the last of the cold, and (3) how I would most likely end up in the most random state that I definitely did not see coming (still can't believe it). I applied for this job on a whim since nothing was working out for me in CT/NY/ and especially GA (yes I still want to live in ATL at some point and I almost moved to NY this year!).

Where/what state am I going to be based in now?

Well, I'll cover all of that in the next entry, plus, I gave some hints when discussing my manifestations {insert wink emoji here}.

Now finally, my graduation:

I am just going to let my Instagram caption do all the talking to end this entry off!!!

Stay tuned yal and continue to stay safe,


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