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Didn’t get to travel this year?

That’s ok. I was scheduled to visit Atlanta this past July, but wasn’t able to due to the pandemic and the two week quarantine that I would’ve had to follow after the trip (was not in the mood to stay home for two weeks again without any money lol). However, I did get to travel to my fav cities being NYC and Boston. Both of those trips were nice, especially Boston. Since I’ve graduated, I haven’t been back to MA, but boy was it fun and so nostalgic to be back in a wonderful city again.

*Oh, I also got the credit back for ATL. So, when the atmosphere gets cleaner, I will be off to my next destination (any guesses?).


Didn’t get your dream job this year?

Same here. Well, everyone I know has been struggling to hear back from jobs, and with all that’s going on this year, I’m sure that’s been a huge reason for delays and lack of callbacks. I know for me right now, I am still working at my current job which is nice because I am still making money, and I barely have to spend as much money this year due to the pandemic.

Didn’t feel your best this year?

I am not going to lie, I have never been so exhausted like this year. I know the death of George Floyd had me feeling like a zombie all week (which I didn’t even realize his death had affected me that much). On top of that, I was working practically everyday at my job which involves me we waking me up quite early. I have coined the term “grandpa” for myself because as soon as I get home, I immediately knock out. Now, I feel so much better and I refuse to feel that sluggish, and I make sure I take my Vitamin D and stay less “grandma-ey” lol. Oh, and of course, I make sure to take some days off at work and have those rest days like I am having right now while writing this!

Didn’t feel motivated this year?

Man you and me both. Creatively, this year got me. I even have a whole YouTube video on how to stay motivated as a photographer, and for awhile, I was truly scared to take clients due to the virus. However, I have found that motivation and creativity back. Besides, it’s normal to have those creative blocks and breaks, as long as you get back up and know you are amazing and talented at whatever it is that you do/are pursuing.


Didn’t get to go out as much this year?

Yeah, this is a challenging one right here. Lately, I have been hanging out more with friends and just hanging out with them as much as possible and safely too. Also, go to parks, take walks (especially with friends/family), chill/tan on your patios and porches, cook, and especially work on yourself and take some time to write down goals and things that you want to accomplish in your life.

Yes, your girl has been making perfect omelettes during her spare time lol! The first one has corn, broccoli, green peppers, some turkey ham, and cauliflower, oh and cheese too!

Didn’t get the school year you wanted this year?

I am so sorry for all the students going back to school as I know it won’t be the same. Give it your all and try to make it your best, and still hang out with friends while you can (be safe and don’t forget your masks).

Didn’t get to eat as good this year?

Same here. I had a lot more junk this year and definitely am a mini victim of the quarantine weight gain. However, I have been doing slightly better, and am working on balance. Some days we can go all in with the junk, and then the other days eat a bit healthier and better. The secret Is all in moderation people.

Didn’t get the love life you wanted this year?

This one gets the award folks. For some reason, Corona has been causing either downfalls to relationships or forming new ones…. and then of course, there’s the single folks. To be honest, to all the single folks reading this, your time will come. Besides, who has time to find a new fling when there’s so many things going on in the world. In the meantime, self-reflect and work on enjoying your own company, and let that right person enter your life naturally.

Didn’t get to breathe as good this year?

Yah, ummm, I am just gonna leave this question as it is because it’s clearly going to be like this for a while.

Didn’t expect a year like this huh?

I don’t think anybody expected a trying year like 2020 has been, but there are still blessings within this year , I mean if you’re reading this right now you are clearly alive and I wish you all the absolute best for the rest of this year.

Don’t worry, your time is coming!

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