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Is Traveling During A Pandemic Worth It?

First let me just say that lately there has been a boost in traveling now that the vaccine has been given to almost half of the U.S. population. So, I had to jump on the travel bandwagon too, well… for different reasons. Personally, this year has been pretty cool so far, but also a lot on me. I really needed a quick getaway, and since my parents were already headed to Miami, Florida, I figured, let’s go visit one of my favorite states ever. I have not been to Florida in over 10 YEARS!!! That is just too long not to go somewhere with clear waters, warm weather, and bomb food and culture. So, it was a must to go on this trip.

See look at these palm trees!!!

I stayed for three days, and let me just say this, I had no idea that I would end up traveling there during the “Spring Break Saga.”

Also, early tip, don’t travel anywhere during a spring break because those Uber prices man lol. Anywho, let’s get back to the program.

Honestly, I have flying anxiety, but both flights were very smooth (I flew United). Also, I am not into these new checked carry-on bag fees, but hey, I guess airlines got to make their money back somehow.

More pics to flaunt lol

The first day was chill, I stayed at the Hyatt International Miami East I believe, and my parents stayed down the street at the Wyndham. Both hotels were great to be honest, but I enjoyed my stay at the Hyatt. The room had great beds, a sofa bed/couch, and the bathroom was pretty fly too. My favorite features were the pool area and the bar. The pool area was packed at all hours with children most of the time, so I din’t get to swim. However, I stayed pretty busy on this trip, and honestly, I loved seeing kids have fun without technology involved if you know what I mean. Instead, my sister and I would lounge in the seating/lounging area by the pool where they also have a dope fire pit. Sometimes we would even sip our drinks and just chill and get some awesome breeze. Yes, our bartender was great (I have no idea what his name was), and he was so good at catering with everyone’s needs (they also offered Starbuck drinks). The hotel also had free continental breakfast which was cool. My favorite part of it was the sausage and bacon. Honestly, it was not easy to find hotels that had their pools or even bars open, So, the Hyatt definitely came through with their services.

Left to Right: Hyatt's bathroom and sofa bed selfies and beds, and the last two are of Wyndham's view and entrance area

Left to Right: Similar to Pina Colada, Tequila Sunrise, and the Hyatt's Breakfast

Also another short interruption: I already had a credit voucher from my cancelled trip to Atlanta due to the pandemic last yer through United, so that’s why my family and I flew them, and I had no idea our Florida flight was going to be at the Fort Lauderdale airport and not Miami. However, Miami airport can be a nightmare (I missed a flight once because the airport was packed with people and lines did not move at all). So, I was kind of happy we flew using Fort Lauderdale’s airport, which is only under 30 minutes away from Miami International Airport.

The first day we all ate at Versailles Restaurant (Cuban restaurant) in Little Havana which was my dad’s favorite food place that we had eaten at on the trip. My meal consisted of crispy chicken tenders, rice, beans, and some sweet plantains (forgot the name of my order). It was good, and that was the crispiest chicken I ever had, check it out if you’re there!

Left to Right: My meal, the second to last is everyone else's food, and the last one is of my beans lol.

Later that night my sister and I went to South Beach and oh my goodness, young men and women everywhere. However, throughout this whole trip, I kept my mask on. I stand by my mask, and it has been keeping me from getting COVID (truly grateful). I only saw South Beach at night, so, I definitely need to go back in the day time. However, It was great to see so many young people again, and overall just humans. COVID kept everyone inside and or on lockdown, and overall, it was nice to kind of see normalcy again. However, I do not condone the extra shenanigans that were going on in the South Beach area.

South Beach tingz... peep how I am away from the large crowds though.

The second day was spent at Bayside Marketplace with the family where we got a few things, and ate at Chili’s (I love their new Cajun corn). My sister and I also ended up revisiting Bayside Marketplace again on the last day for souvenirs.

Left to Right: Downtown Miami, Bayside Marketplace area, me trying on shoes at Rainbow's that I bought to go with my red fit that you are all about to see soon. Oh and then I end with my infamous corn from Chili's and my burger and fries which was bomb!

Another Tip: stop renting cars last minute, my mom was stunned at the prices of car rentals during spring break ($300-700/day). However, shoutouts to Uber, they came in clutch, and honestly made the trip easier and smoother since we didn’t have to worry about directions, parking, etc.

The second day my sister and I also went into Little Havana and had ice-cream at Azucar and pretty much tried empanadas at almost every restaurant there. We also got to glance at Domino Park (closed due to COVID, but was still nice to get a sneak peek). We also walked the Calle Ocho Walk of Fame, and it was great to get a glimpse of the Cuban and other Latin countries cultures located in Miami.

The last day was spent going to Ross near Brownsville, and eating at my favorite food place while there, which was World Famous Rib Shack. Omg yal, you get so much food 13 bucks, and it includes rice, and they even let you pick what kind of rice you want. I got a rib dinner with rice and peas, Mac n cheese, and collard greens. I gotta say no one makes bomb southern food like the South. The Mac n cheese and collard greens were bomb I highly recommend, and the ribs were great too. Not the biggest fan of their cornbread, but everything else was fantastic, I can’t wait to go back lol.

And last but not least, the last good fit of the trip!!!

Overall, the trip was amazing, I got to rock some popping fits now that I am going through a mini style transformation, and shoutouts to all the love on my hair there (definitely something new that I’m glad I tried). Plus, I tested negative for COVID once again, and I got a break from Southern CT life. So, yes, it can actually be worth it, just be safe yal!!!

Til next time Miami (going back very soon (*wink *wink).

Bag from Kejeo Designs (Black-Owned)

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