• Kadijah


I had to create another post highlighting another amazing women of color named Chiniki a.k.a. "It's Ki!" (I seriously love that phrase now lol).

My Bish!

I have known this MC for over ten years now, and I am honestly just so proud of her. It's not easy being a female rapper, but my sis really got bars!!!

She might even kill me for this but I should have known this was the path she was going to take when she said "when I come up in da spot, they be saying home de-pot" (she really thought it was "pot" when we were kids lol).

I'm not going to make this super long, but Ki and I are the type of friends that can go years without seeing each other, and reconnect instantly as if we were never a part (since this literally describes us lol).

So support my girl Ki and her music career because she really has something special, and I cannot wait for her to drop more fueggggooooo!!!!

Videographer: @283rd

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