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MONTREAL(Take 1&2)

A video of me geeking over the fact that we made it to the border!

A year ago, I went to one of the happiest places on Earth... Canada!!! Now, I am not going to lie to you when I say that I used to visit Canada annually with my family to see other extended family members. However, these visits were always… well… BORING! My family lived outside Toronto in very small and boring towns/cities (sorry Hamilton). Even though 2019 was a lot to take in for me and I faced many obstacles, visiting Canada twice last year was amazing! The best part about visiting Canada, was I got to visit a part I had never been too which happened to be Montreal. I’ve always wanted to visit Montreal since my Freshman Year in college. In fact, I almost went to Montreal my Sophomore year with other college friends. However, many backed out of Montreal during that time and left me to deal with the cancellations of hotels (we love adulting lol!). I was pretty bummed at first, but clearly that was not the right time to go (good thing I went to Cuba instead that year lol). It wasn’t until a year ago, I got a text while I was on the treadmill from one of my best friends from high school saying, “Let’s go to Montreal!” Just like that, that one text became the start of an amazing Girls Trip! From there, we planned everything from the Airbnb, places to see and go out too, and of course another important matter… TRANSPORTATION! We took my car since where I go to school is closer to Montreal than from my hometown in CT. This trip was also significant because it was a Girls Trip that happened during the weekend of Valentine’s Day (basically a Galantine’s Day Trip).

Downtown Montreal (peep the slush!)
Downtown Montreal (peep the slush!)

Plus, my friends from high school were on this trip which was a bonus because I truly adore my friends from back home (they are literally the best ever OMG!). The first trip to Montreal was great, but we only stayed two nights, and let’s just say the amazingness came too quick to an end. The Airbnb we had was amazing with a beautiful view of downtown Montreal (it was truly a mini bachelorette pad lol!). Not to mention Canadians are so low-key and chill, and the nightlife is definitely a nice and less stressful environment (thank God lol). However, another major matter that we were faced with was because we went in February, there was snow-slush everywhere! If I had a penny for every time my friends fell, or I almost fell while walking the streets of Montreal, I would be filthy rich! There’s even a video of Kim Kardashian visiting Montreal during that same time, and she had assistance walking in the slush. It made me realize how Canada is so chill that they don’t really plow. In fact, many Canadians were dancing on the ice and slush, and majority of them had on pretty tough snow boots. Besides the harsh effects of winter, and the short stay, we truly had a blast, to the point where we decided to “take 2” this past August!


Our view!

This place was everything!


We decided that if we were going to go back, we would obviously go during a time to avoid the slush (Summer obviously), and definitely stay longer, in which, this case, we stayed three nights versus two. This time around was amplified because we were able to freely walk around in the nice Summer weather and we were also in the heart of downtown Montreal, and specifically near a lot of food areas this time. Because of the warmer weather, we did way more sightseeing and even used the Metro (expensive btw: 6 bucks for the card alone). Some amazing places we saw were Old Montreal, Gay Village, and Chinatown (happened to see the Pride Parade as well which was dope!). A huge addition to this trip was the food. First off, Korean Fried Chicken is amazing, and don’t worry, I will list a bunch of the places we ate/visited below as well! Furthermore, I was able to have that Korean Fried Chicken dipped in garlic sauce with fantastic fries by the way. The breakfast was to die for as well (will also add pics because at this point, you need to see it to believe the hype lol!). We also visited our favorite pub/bar called “Mad Hatter.” I recommend this place because it’s a nice and chill spot for the younger generation to chill, eat, and play games. My friends and I also happened to have the same waiter as well, and it got to the point where everyone knew who we were in there. We played Jenga, ate food, and had a few cocktails here and there while we just chilled, talked, and enjoyed the time and music that they offered (plus “Mad Hatter” is super affordable). Even though at times we faced some obstacles (like whose car we were going to drive this time), it was everyone’s favorite trip out of the two. Staying longer and during the Summer made us really get a nice glimpse of Montreal and all it has to offer, and we got to enjoy the nightlife even more as well! If you haven't been to Canada at all, and you are looking for a quick getaway (especially if you live in the U.S.), you should 100% go right now!



Carlos & Pepe's drinks/bar area

This Korean fruit juice had actual grapes inside!

Carlos & Pepe's Taco Burger I believe



- ALLO MON COCO (Breakfast)

- Carlos & Pepe's (went here both trips; Mexican food galore!)

- Monami Express Guy (Korean Fried Chicken!)

- Underground Montreal

- Jet (nightclub)

- Mad Hatter (pub)

- Gay Village

- Old Montreal (loved the cobblestone-pavements)

- Chinatown

- Downtown Montreal (the whole thing has so much to offer!)

*Still so many other places that we went too, but these are some I definitely recommend!

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