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Honestly, this month has been pretty “ghetto” lol, but I want to focus on the one day that went well, which was my BIRTHDAY!!!

(I will discuss more in later blogs; my life is about to get busier).


So, I decided what better way to spend my birthday than in the place that created me…. New York BABEEYYYY!!!!

I had this special day/weekend planned since February, so it felt good to finally celebrate and to be in the city. I love New York and I LOVED that I had an AMAZING excuse and reason to visit (especially during a pandemic still). We got there in the evening of Saturday (the 17th), and stayed at the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott New York Manhattan/Times Square South. This hotel was great, and let’s not get started on the view (the window literally opens!!!!). This hotel surprisingly had over twenty floors, and we stayed on the 21st floor. My friends and I were shocked because this building only looks no more than 3-5 stories high, only in NYC man I swear lol!

Also, let me introduce the SQUAD

I had my good friends since high school accompany me in New York. Their names are Talia and Joohee. Talia is like your really cool, yet eccentrically creative girl boss. She also loves her some Arizona (yes the Iced Tea!). ig: @a_lonely_marshmallow

Joohee (I call her Joojoo) is not only amazing on the dance floor and choreographs, but sis really needs a makeup artist career because she continues to slay my face!!! Ig: @jucejucejuce

Also, my other amazing and now I can say newly NURSE friend named Jasmeen couldn’t attend anymore due to NURSING duties lol (so proud of her and any new nurse tbh that field is not the easiest so I am so proud of my friends hard work).

Joohee, Talia, and I decided to head out around 8 pm to get some food. Talia suggested McDonald’s since it was simple and nearby, but then Joohee and I saw Friday’s and decided to order "to go" there. YAL, omg Talia was the smart one here because we waited a whole hour for our 'to go' order, and at this point we only had a few minutes to get ready because our plan was to visit a nice rooftop bar (which closes at 11 pm due to COVID restrictions). Honestly, I don’t really regret it because my Whiskey Burger with fries and a side of the infamous Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce was PHENOMENAL!!!

*For the first time in history no food pics we were so hungry and were running out of time so, enjoy these pics of us instead!!!!!

So, at this point, my friends and I go back to the hotel and salvage our food (they got wings, salad, and chicken cajun pasta which was also really good!). Of course, while getting ready we hung out, did a lot of Tik Toks lol, and well…. By the time we arrived to our first rooftop bar called Magic Hour, we pretty much got kicked out lol.

I saw that coming considering the time, but I was pretty excited to go because the set up was amazing in there: Easter Bunnies, grass, golf course, etc. However, I will definitely be back to that rooftop bar, and shoutouts to Joohee because we walked back to the bar right next to our hotel, and even though the lady was trying to kick us out because it was almost 11, Joohee insisted and pleaded about it being my birthday and how we only wanted one round of drinks, and BLESS THAT BARTENDER/SERVER (she even told me Happy Birthday when we left). We all ordered Pineapple Margaritas, and from there, we headed out to the city aka Times Square.

It felt so good to see people consuming Times Square again. Talia had a parrot go on her shoulder (couldn’t film/take photos during it though), we almost were about to be in a music video lol, and we ended up taking a ride on those bike cabbies. Let me just inform you now, they (bike cabbies) will SCAM you! We were able to find a guy that let us name our price, so we said $5 a minute (yes I know guys, but the others were $6/min lol). This guy had the speakers yal, so of course in that moment, we felt like we were getting a fabulous deal plus the music lol. I told Joohee our address (which the hotel was located on W 36th street), and the whole time she was his (bike driver) GPS… LITERALLY! Of course, being the birthday girl, Talia and I were having a blast, and having fun with the people on the streets (since our bike cabbie had the AUX, everyone was vibing with us). At this point, we get the bike cabbie guy to play DMX, and let’s just say yal, my COMMON SENSE left the CHAT! Talia and I continue to sing our hearts out to DMX (RIP) while Joohee continues to use Maps to get us home, after a while Joohee stops him, and at the same time she stops him, I realize we are on 53rd street.

*Here's a quick video of us enjoying our ride before the SCAMNESS!!!

Now, here’s where it gets SPICY lol! This man proceeds to tell Joohee "140," (in my mind, I’m thinking he means 1:40 am). No, the total was $140. The bike cabbie guy insinuates that the ride is 25 (as in 25 min) *5 = $140. In my mind, that didn’t sound right, but clearly I was in bday/DMX mode, so I let it be and figured okay I guess that’s CORRECT…. I SWEAR I GOT As in MATH CLASS lol. Anywho, I still don’t regret the ride either because it was an EXPERIENCE, and truthfully the only thing to do in the city at this time (pandemic). We Uber back to our hotel, and honestly stay up til 7 am talking about life, Joohee proceeds to finish my burger out of nowhere at 6 am, and listening to music/YouTube videos since our TV/remote was so high tech lol!!!!

*Sidenote: My birthdate is 4/18

We manage to get two hours of sleep, and check out at exactly at 12 pm, and we headed home since we all had duties to fulfill in CT, and I was actually carrying a suitcase (I needed it to carry my fur jacket), so at this point, I was over it lol.

My birthday truly was a great experience, and SHOUTOUTS to Talia for admiring my traveling skills because she was so impressed on my search/hunt for the hotel, and it was only $110 (breakfast included, which we missed out on since we stayed up and crashed right when breakfast was being served).

Anywho, I highly recommend treating yourself to a trip/mini getaway at some point, we all deserve a getaway after 2020!

With that being said, thank you to all my AMAZING FRIENDS & FAM FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES & GIFTS.

This one was special, and I am just thankful to see another year!

shoes: Kelly & Katie dress: random boutique (last one)

Oh, and you know I had to end the festivities back home on my bday with some good ole RED LOBSTER (my fav!)

Stay safe & well everyone, and I hope you all enjoyed this post!!!! Don’t forget to comment, like, & share!!!!

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