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New Year… New Decade… New Space

With 2020 came time to finally turn the basement into a photo studio. Not only did I turn the basement into a photo studio, but I also made a cake office for my mother since she also has a small cake business, and I figured it’s the least I could do for my amazing mom.

Throughout the past three weeks/winter break, I have remodeled the basement by painting, cleaning, organizing, and especially getting rid of a lot of stuff that was stored down there for a while. I have never painted before, let alone a huge space like a basement, but boy was it fun! My dad was also a huge help in this process, especially with the painting and junk yard trips. Plus, I never thought that I would see the day that I love going to Home Depot now!

*Before footage of what I had ahead of me lol!

The best part about doing the basement, was how much money I saved since I used things that I already had (bins, paint, brushes, rollers, office supplies, etc.). The only things I spent money on was chalk paint (I used for my mom’s side), extra foam rollers, and "Oops Paint" (that I got for 3 bucks in the color “Coconut Twist”). The chalk paint was 9 bucks at Home Depot, and if you ever want to get cheap paint at Home Depot, check the clearance paint section a.k.a. “Oops Paint,” which are paints that are either mixed wrong and or neglected. That’s how I was able to get the color “Coconut Twist” for only 3 bucks since it was not all the way full, and I only needed a little bit more white for some of the walls leftover.

My mom’s side was the first part of the basement that I started. Her side before was not organized in terms of all the stuff that was on the shelves, and overall, needed some TLC. The paint color I used was a paint that we already had called “Baked Scone.” This color is so nice, warm, and has such an inviting tone to it. I organized and painted my mom’s side which I got to say, I had the most fun with her side. My favorite part of her side is the chalk painted door. I used chalk paint for this door because my mom has a daycare and an abundance amount of chalk, and being a mom in general, well, sometimes… they tend to be… FORGETFUL LOL! Anywho, painting this door was so much fun and was super easy to do (there’s also directions on the can). In addition, I added fabric to the doors to spice up my mother’s side, and because I had a lot of fabric that I wasn't using (I am a lousy sewer tbh).

Here are some pics I took on my iPhone 6s of my mom's side currently (don't mind the HSM lamp, it will be removed soon lol).

*A quick phone vid displaying the room before the chalk-painted door, but after taking the shelves down to start painting (taking down those shelves to paint was not easy at all lol).

A whole bunch of chalk paint at Home Depot (the brand I used was also RUST-OLEUM).

This stuff was awesome to clean and wipe off the shelves on my mom's side (thanks uncle lol).

After the first week was a success with my mom’s side, I finally started to do my section a.k.a. the photo studio. I already knew my side would have less pizzazz than my mother’s since I was mainly using the color white for my section. However, once I started painting, we also had a nice grey (not sure the name), and I loved the grey so much, that I painted all the closets in that color. For two of the closets, I color-meshed for the first time with the grey and this “Antique/Off White” color that we also already had. The basement contained many paints that we’ve kept throughout the years (including many different kinds of white paints too, which was very useful in completing the walls). I plan to paint and design my table in the future, and get a new carpet for my side as well (new carpet for my mom’s side is needed too).

Some pics of my studio and side throughout the three weeks!

* Stay tuned for the build it series on my YouTube channel to see how the whole process of putting this basement together in only a few weeks turned out!

*Some extra pics of me playing with my new space

This basement was the first step I took into building a better me both creatively, mentally, financially, and spiritually. I continue to better myself throughout this year, and in my life in general moving forward. This basement granted me so much joy, motivation, and peace in my life. I know this is only the beginning, but I truly feel like I’m finally taking the right steps into my goals and aspirations in life!

Once again,

HAPPY 2020!!!!

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