• Kadijah

New York City Meet Up

During my Spring Break, I finally did something I have been dying to do. I did a shoot in New York City. Not only did I shoot in NYC, but I also got to shoot with one of my favorite photographers and friends, @pooch_studio. Pooch and I have been photography friends for about a year now, and we finally met in person. We had a blast and we also shot at the World Trade Center. I am no stranger to the city, and I was even born in New York. However, I have never been to the WTC, let alone that side of the city before.

It was beautiful and I will definitely be going back to the city in the summer to shoot some more. The amount of amazing photos that were taken blew my mind!

If any photographers want to connect and shoot never hesitate to contact me because I love creating with other creatives as well.

Stay tuned for another blog post about women creatives in honor of Women’s History Month.

I also recommend going to OCULUS a.k.a. The World Trade Center, it’s truly a beauty and picture-worthy (some security can be a pain there, but others did not bother us and let us shoot still!).

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