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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

So, it’s finally time for a what’s in my camera bag breakdown/tour!

Some of you may wonder what I actually bring around with me when I am shooting. Well, here’s a list of what’s in my camera bag. The camera bag I use is a Canon green and black tough and pretty water resistant backpack. This bag is pretty cool since it can hold a good amount of lenses (4-6), < 2 tripods, a jacket, and even two water bottles and cameras! So, what’s in Kadijah’s Canon backpack?

The first zip up compartment - Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion - An extra camera battery - Gloves (it be cold out there folks lol!) - Vaseline

- Headphones

- Portable charger

- Hand sanitizer

- USB - Usually put my keys in there too

- Mints

The second compartment (features nice pouches and SD card pockets too) - My obnoxious lighting kit (bring it with me everywhere except outdoor shooting) - My notebook (where I write down concepts/keep tabs on how many paid shoots I do) - My Nikon HD point and shoot (pretty old camera tbh) - Extra batteries

- Random flash drive - Light-up shades (once used it as an external flash since I left mine at home lol) - Business cards - SD Cards (can honestly fit a good nine SD cards in those pockets) - Peanut Butter Crackers (usually put those in the pouches) - Random USB flash drive

The last and probably the compartment you’ve all been waiting for... - Canon Rebel T3i (at the very top) - 50 mm lens - 24mm lens - 75-200 mm lens - 18-55 mm kit lens (never use tbh) - External Flash - AA+ Batteries - CDs (props) * My camera already has filter(s) attached to it (just in case you were curious)

The side pockets - A random white hair scrunchy - Usually where I keep my water bottles (must have on shoots) - Usually where I keep my extra camera battery during a shoot - If I want to bring my tripod(s), I use the straps underneath the side pockets to keep them attached/locked.

The front compartment with the rope - Where I put my Adidas jacket (comes in handy if the weather changes/need to lay on the ground)

There you have it everyone, this is what my camera bag consists of on a day-to-day basis. If you’ve made it this far, comment what’s in your camera bag, questions, or even your favorite lenses (my fav lenses are b/w the 24mm and 50mm). Have an amazing day, and stay safe, and clean everyone!

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