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WHY DID I MOVE TO FL? Child, I Don’t Even Know!

Wheewwwww…. Two months later

Hello everyone, wow, it feels a bit weird to blog again, but we’re back and almost better than ever!

The last entry, I wrote about moving to Florida, and I can’t believe it’s only been two months since I moved down here because, to be honest, it already feels like a year. Honestly, moving to Florida has been a whirlwind, but an amazing one to say the least. Now, I know some and if not all of everyone reading this is wondering:

How did you end up in Florida?

My response: I have absolutely no idea lol!

It honestly started with me getting bored up North. I am super comfortable up North since that’s where I was born and raised, and well, after twenty-three years, I guess, I just wanted a change. Plus, I’ve always wanted to move around and especially somewhere hot and sunny like Florida, so, this move was bound to happen.

Also, I got a job offer here, so at that point, I felt like “well I might as well start Chapter 23 of my life somewhere where I already have a purpose.”


This word is a huge reason for the move because I felt very stagnant up North. I wanted and craved a new and different routine. I honestly thought I would have moved a year from now, but I highly manifested this moment. However, I battled with the decision to accept the job and move like “a lot.

It finally came down to the one question I would ask myself, “what’s keeping you from not wanting to move?”

Honestly, my only answer was:


As soon as I realized it was the fear keeping from this journey, I did what I usually do when fear holds me back,


So now, let’s get back to the journey of being in FL so far.

My job down here just so happens to involve educating and guiding the youth down the awesome paths of all things filmmaking and photography.

The journey has been amazing and really gives me a sense of purpose, and my coworkers are fabulous and have really saved me from a lot of mental breakdowns.

I am going to miss my first set of kids so much, they are uber talented, and overall, great filmmakers and photographers.

Some of my work fits:

In all, Florida has been quite a fast ride (literally, driving down here is like a GTA mission!). However, it’s been a beautiful ride and journey, and I am overall thankful for all the people I’ve met along the way here.


Oh, and here’s some pics from my first shoot here (P.S. this shoot only lasted 20 minutes because then, it started to rain; that’s Miami for ya!):

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